raging the bar exam

and now im ready



from chrissy, on her cruise

"industry. good luck on the bar."


college redux

Adam robusto once observed that i am so crazy and frenetic that I am totally capable of losing other peoples shit. Which led to entire drives though the midwest on tour where he would randomly scream "stop losing my shit!"

Apparently this concept is alive and well as the only 3 people i have been interacting with in NY are steadily losing their shit.

i should get tips


the jfk jr of cats

mike cleverly observed that polaris has now survived living with two bar exam takers


completing the set

woo hoo its 2.22! what a great day. sigh. five years ago. Five years ago instead of studying for the bar i was getting a standing ovation in the columbus greyhound station during a blizzard. Sigh. although, i guess it could be worse, five years ago tomorrow i was calling my dad and asking him to pick me up at the meadowlands after getting drugged.

"remember when i was in high school and you said if i ever needed a ride i should call?"
"yes, but i didnt think you'de be in New Jersey"

live blogging my phone call with daphne

"Hi whiny"
jp in the background "is that whiny jaimee"

me" i feel like im just getting further away from my goal"
daphne" from being on phish tour all the time...yes"

daphne" are you like live blogging?! what the hell is wrong with you? wait, youre like blogging this right now arent you"


"Can I have a class of wine? Oh wait, you dont work here? Seriously, you are this bar. Can you honestly tell me where you end and this bar begins?! Other customers no you better than the people who work here. They recognize you on the street. You are here more than any employee. You are here more than all employees combined. You are here for more hours than this place is open. Youre entire live schedule is predicated on our hours of operation"

Me: im gonna write a blog post abut all the awesome things youve said this week. You are totally todays winner.

Yancy: asparagus pillows!

Me: what do you think of snarf?
Yancy: he sucks like luxembourg sucks. adorably
oh he's awful
you saw the vid i sent, right. that said it all. snarf
the snarf youtube
you didn't watch it? weak

me: let me see
send it
i think i did watch this
yancy: hahaha your mind is fried



1. ive really done nothing for the past two months other than listen to music. 18 hours aday. and im constantly around people who obsess over music. this may in fact be the anti-law school.

2. im totally going to be one of those people who leaves and incredibly specific will. Like "i leave all my teal clothing to daphne and everything brown to theresa" and "i leave the akg pair of headphones to paul" and "i leave everything nonsensical and violent to jp"

3. Roomate and I have been, even before the bar, been having a way between the two coffee/scone purveyors located on clinton street (although i get sandwiches there and she gets hot cocoa here). Shes somewhat intertwined over there, but not to the same degree (but someone was goign to bring her back things from their trip to japan). So we decided we're each gonna get respective tee shirts and then inflate them sumo style, wrestle infron of the gnome clinton street mural, and then post it on you tube as "the clash of clinton street"

4. speaking of you tube, i think this may be the universally apealling video ever.
Afterwards i just had to go smoke a cigarette to combat my overwhelming desire to jack something, grand theft auto style.


Subject: Re: Your FERC career melted down

oh my god i could not parse that sentence!
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On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 4:27 PM, JP wrote:
Btw, I think FERC is jacking your shit. This whole market-manipulation stuff sounds like it kind of cuts into the amount of Antitrust that FTC would bother with in Energy.

The owner! Weee! This only leaves nemesis. That's gonna be interesting.

This is how i screwed up the other night. I tried to help the night guy and collect the candles, but he really wasnt caring because its his last night. We were just listening to 80's music. We were theorizing fun things we could do to screw the morning people, and just never cleaned the candles and then the wax hardened, which unfortunately only screwed the following night person.

Then i spent all day being high. I dontk now why, it was like a big acid trip yesterday. I could only listen to robert palmer for some reason, and kept getting every practice thing i did right. So of course i called my support group to check my progress against the masses. Everyone said that didnt happen to them and htey were freaking out at this point, which of course made me freak out in an of itself. Then i started feeling weird and sick and crazy and didnt know what to do with myself. Then the night person come in, found the candles completely messed up, and had to spend 30 minutes with their hands in scalding hot water fixing them. And that was the first thing that made me laugh the entire day.

So to get back at me/ tease me, he decided to just mention the date to me, which wound up with me and my eggshell skull hiding in fetal position under a chair. Not really that normal. Then the moon went away, and the night ended with us listening to david bromberg and then roomie and i have a silly dance only party to the talking heads little creatures and watching buffy. (Daphne says: You're like one of those crazy New York people. Who scare the tourists!!)

I have so truly convinced myself this is the room of requirement that the day after the bar exam im gonna come for coffee and its not going to be here. There will be the store to the left and the store to the right and that will be it. I will ask people where it went and they will look at me like i am strange. And then i will be committed.


1. the place is like the room of requirement

2. somehow i suddenly find robert palmer sexy (chuck: "Haha didn't like every chick during the 80s already decide that?")

3. From my brother:


at the risk of sounding slightly like the pats' parade-planners...

any big plans in the works for post-bar celebration?

Me: Really i have no clue, i can even imagine doing anythign other than sitting in this seat at and studying. I guess i should drink but i dont know if i should even go in a public place. honestly, i really cant imagine that it would ever be over.

Roger: good...i like your focus. very antonio pierce.


serenely accepting your fate

Today's scene.

Tonight is Ned's last night here. We love Ned so in support and memorium I said id wear an arm band. Aaron objected because that was morose and we settled on an orange arm band. Tonight is also one of those nights that the jazz band plays, and I had to explain that i was taking the bar and needed headphones on to listen to Sneakin Sally by Robert Palmer on repeat. No one is really here because of the three day weekend, so we basically all ordered in Thai food and the band was just chatting with us. I decided to master some contracts and commercial paper concepts by writing a promissory note, which became a contract, to promise to pay Ned 30$ in the future for all his kindness and coffee and chocolate. I think Im gonna cover his share of the Thai food just so I can do a contract modification and subtract the amount from the future payment.

Polaris! Do the Dishes!

note the crazy eye


worst customer ever

i just made my own tea from home at the coffee shop. i suck.

it is fabulous though that this place is sorta a yuppie date spot and simultaneously a geeky study haven.

my elbows hurt from leaning on the counter while studying. i wonder if elbow pads are allowed into the bar.


Matt brought me sleeping pills and told me dirty jokes!

This guy goes to law school too. We call him fluffyhead. Though it was raining so full fluffy was not in effect.


anonymous : "I went to many many strip clubs last night after that hooker incident"

i think liz should get a deku tattoo

Yancy came and let me cling to him for an hour!

cant sleep, bar will eat me

Elfy hat.

look im so cute

I havent had a mental breakdown yet today. I was almost there for like 5 minutes and tried to sleep on my books. And I jew-guilted yancy into visiting so i could whiny crying cling to him. So in short, AWESOME.

"You may want to die now, but week from now you're gonna look back on this moment fondly"


since alita started my obsession witht he mac photo booth

Today i am sad, and tired for the first time in a while. And i think i hate the constitution. And i am really becoming JP. And i really dont have anythign interesting to say.


nighttime studying

ive made thomas be on call for my crazyness. In all his new agey wisdom he said that i need to stay in the moment and be comfortable with my fear "welcome it in, make it feel at home, offer it some tea!" "Apologize for the mess in my apartment?"

Jp is also convinced that we're melding into one crazy person, because we just listen to the faint and scream nonsensically at each other. I literally cant go 45 seconds into an ordinary conversation without screaming that im going nuts.



best parody of my immigration class ever

hush face; dont look out your window, it might be cops


bad day round head

Today, not so good. I was begging for hugs. Getting nothing done. Had to restort to having someone scream at me. Tess says that Im strange to deal with when im sad and stressed because i have a weird almost smile sorta plastered on my face that no one knows how to deal with. I currently feel like I am the human equivalent of the "love love slap" broken camera from biscuits tour. At least the fluffyhead guy from Fordham also cant get anything done today.

Sympathy Round Head.

Yesterday amy came to visit. Unintentionally, she had some time to kill. I told her she could come sit next to me while I had headphones on and knit and make fun of me with the coffee shop people. Then I tried to steal her hat.

Unfortunately, my 4 hours of bad mood perday was 4 hours last night and then four this morning. I dont think I smiled from the time I started watching Michael Clayton to my second cup of coffee this morning. BTW, good movie but bad idea, because i totally believe lawyers are like that.

photo project

My fave feature (only feature i careabout) on my new cult o mac laptop is the camera, so ive started ducomenting the descent into madness.

At bar bri. i couldnt make it through the entire class that day.

Fort! They brought in all these boxes and I constructed an elaborate fantasy in which i would surround myself in a womb like box fort with a small opening for coffee.
Im so neurotic that after i finished biting off all my nails, i proceeded to attack every pen I had as if it were the enemy.

Link is looking over my shoulder and wanting me to do something. Liz is currently experiencing post traumatic stress that we actually beat Zelda.
my firm is so weird. Im amazed they actually remembered to send me somethign for the bar, but it included hot chocolate for two that for some mythical reason was shaped like an ice cream cone.
I now unabashedly wear my studio headphones in public.



I dont know if this is a sign that I should never leave, or I should run as fast as i can

I have made my neighborhood bend to my will. Aside from my permanent residency at the coffee shop, I can walk into any store here and whatever I want is ready (cigarettes, breakfast) before I even get to the counter. I am the go to person for any neighborhood question. My landlord says "go giants" whenever he sees me. The guy who sells me cigarettes doesn't want me to move. I think the only line yet to cross is the day I go get a cup of coffee in my bathrobe. Im thinking that tomorrow may be the day.


muce staley

so my brother got a border terrier and named him moose. I told him I was considering getting another moose. he said "youde have to name him moose deuce. no wait, moose staley!" "MUCE STALEY!"

While watching the Mac air commercial

Mike- "Someday they're going to create a computer that is purely conceptual.  A computer with no physical embodiment.  It will cost $1999 and be called the "Mac Concept."  You'll go into the apple store, you'll pay them $1999, and they'll say 'Do you feel it?!'"


best commercial ever

i was so happy that they replayed the dunkin donuts commercial at the superbowl. Ive been singing its brilliance (and the jingle) all year and no one would validate me. Its so sincere and straightforwards. Lets hear it for truth in advertising!!

super f*cking tuesday

For someone like me, its a little much to balance the major concerns of the bar exam, the election, and the giants victory parade in one day.*

*and a pigeon shitting on me! in times square! and hyrule!

Yancy: that's not so bad. there've been times in the past where the monster's teeth were just inches from your head and his dick was stirring your coffee. that thin line's a nice improvement

*** Daphne: he's obviously not appreciating that the monster is rushing at you with most impressive speed