I get up to points in my studying and outlining where i just realize that im absolutely confused and have no context for that particular topic. then i look back in my notes and see writted in bold WENT ON TOUR....

i mean who really needs anti affirmative action, asylum, hotelling models, and circumstantial evidence anyways?


i want red hair

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what i want for christmas

wallet4287: have you ever seen this film?
manianosmia: nah
manianosmia: have you ever seen a fully clickable online version of the Immigration and Nationality Act?
manianosmia: because id be interested in that
wallet4287: I own mexican porn
wallet4287: sorry
manianosmia: hahaha
wallet4287: stupid joke
manianosmia: NO IT WAS AWESOME
manianosmia: this is why i talk to non law people
manianosmia: they always have the greatest things to say


living the dream

I think that this is the year where i finally write all my finals in a crazy right wing fashion just to see what happens. This is what happens when you take immigration and conlaw. Considering i didnt talk in class all year ill bet the professors will be confused.

this is really just a poor sub for the plan ive always has to apply for something and claim diversity because I cant smell. but i got to lazy and plied with Phillipines mangoes to apply to law review wholeheartedly.


Im so proud of PT

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Did better than many of my friends. Took 6 posts for someone to now follow directions, but they got called out by jazz, and took 31 posts for someone to say something stupid.


even though its in the midst of finals...

Im going to make a very cheesy post right now. In the hours after my focus to study is gone but my sleep hasnt come. This friend of mine recently got a camerea, and was thusintroduced to picasa web albums and then loaded all his pictures. Then he got sad, blamed it on Picasa. I looked at his photos, of a the younger shaggier him looking all happy. I understood.

So then being me, and bored, I looked at my pictures. Younger, slightly shaggier, all happy. Then i realized something truly astouding. Im happy with life right now.

Whats even more astouding is that Im saying this after spending two hours trying to decipher why our con law prof needs to torture us by making us read rumsfeld detention cases. thats amazing.